Peterson Family - Park City, UT

You have a newborn baby and you homeschool and you're sleep deprived and feeling like you're lucky if you make it out the door without being covered in spit up and/or milk and you're really lucky if all of your kids are dressed and/or have had lunch that day.

Then someone asks you to photograph their family. Of course you say yes! Because this is what you love right? or has it changed. Maybe you don't love it anymore. Maybe you don't have the time, or maybe its just to much to take on, or.... maybe your heart just isn't in it anymore....

Since moving back to Utah 2 years ago, Soooo much has changed. Things that were once important, are no longer. My priorities have changed. My life has changed. Our family has changed. I was at such a low point 2 years ago, I just didn't care anymore. I didn't feel like building up a business "from scratch" in a different state, and an overly saturated market. I didn't feel like "working". I was to overwhelmed with a sick husband, being "homeless", selling basically everything we owned (besides beds and a dresser) I just didn't feel like putting my energy into this little business. So I didn't. I haven't.

And then a family comes along with 4 crazy boys and energy and adventure and love and its then that you remember why. Why it is you started this journey. Because you LOVE people. These totally normal amazing people that bribe their kids and try to keep tucking in shirts and fixing hair and the kids being... well, kids! And it's perfect in every way.

It's in my soul, deep down, this need to document and capture that love, that perfectly imperfect family just as they are.

Peterson family, Thank you for reminding me why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

All you need is love.




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Our little Ellis Aberdeen

smitten, to say the least.
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Up Baby

Flash back Halloween 2011

Because my old blog was deleted and these are to precious not to share again.

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